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November 20, 2020

Time has flown by this year! It feels like we were only in March a few weeks ago. But now, the holiday season is swiftly approaching, and we are all wrapping up for winter, and waiting for 2021 to roll around.

We know that the new lockdown restrictions may make this holiday season a little difficult this year. Usually, everyone can gather in large groups and celebrate together, but this may not be possible within the next month. This may be particularly difficult for the elderly members of your family, who see the festive season as a time for socialising, being around their loved ones, and joy from all the festivities. So, we wanted to share some advice about how you can help your loved ones have an amazing holiday season, without all the large gatherings.

Distance yourself, but do not socially isolate!

Although we have been encouraged to socially distance ourselves, we should not completely isolate ourselves from other people – and this applies to everyone, not just the elderly. More than 2 million people aged over 75 live alone, so the lockdown periods can become incredibly lonely if they are unable to go to their social clubs or see their families.

This will hit even harder over the festive season, as already over a one million of the elderly people in the UK say that they feel lonelier around the Christmas period. Having social distancing guidelines will only amplify these feelings.

So, what can we do to help?

If it is safe to do so, and you have the capacity to be able to, why not invite an elderly member of your family to stay with you over the festive season? That way they can spend the holidays surrounded by loved ones.

If this is not possible, then no worries! If you can, meet up with them over the holiday period, one to one if this is the safest option. Exchange gifts and catch up with each other over some coffee whilst maintaining social distancing.


Help out!

If it is not safe to meet up in person, there are still things that you can do to help make your loved ones feel less alone over the festive period. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way. Maybe offer to help someone out with their shopping and leave it at the door for them, or order food for them online and arrange for it to be delivered to their door.

You could also surprise a loved one by ordering wrapped gifts to arrive at their home. Look on your local Facebook groups and see if you can help support a local business buy buying a personalised, home-made gift!

Keep connected

If there is an elderly person in your life who is a little more tech-savvy, you could introduce them to services such as Skype, Zoom or Facebook to help them keep in touch with everyone over the holiday period.

Skype, Zoom and Facebook all have video call options to help your loved ones see each other without actually meeting up in person! If they are familiar with mobile devices, Facetime or WhatsApp are also useful alternatives that they may prefer. Remind them that they can call you and others to keep in touch, and whilst it isn’t quite the same as spending time together in person, it is a safer alternative.


If you or a loved one still needs some extra help…

If you know someone who may need a little extra assistance over the holiday period, such as help with personal care, assistance in administering medication, or just for someone to share a meal with, we are here to help! Please call us on 01322686765 or send us an email at

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