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April 30, 2020

Home Care and how to talk to the elderly about it, might prove a little challenging especially when they are your parents. Often because it is hard for them to accept that they need or might be needing help as old age creeps in on them.

However, it is important to start this conversation early and also do not forget that you have to be tactical and extremely patient when starting this conversation.  

Thus, in doing this there certain things you might want to consider when you finally decide it is time to do this.  Read the suggestions below, it will help you handle the situation better.

1. Start the conversation early

The best approach is to start talking to them about needing home care early enough, it gives you enough time to convince them to accept it before the need becomes very critical to living their everyday lives.

Starting early, allows you to know how they intend to handle that aspect of their life when the time finally comes, this way the emotions will be lesser than when the conversation suddenly arises due to an injury or a serious crisis, or medical condition that might leave them incapacitated and thus making the topic a no go area.

2. Talk about the advantages first

You wouldn’t want to get started talking about the limitations of Home care. Trust me, you’ll be glad you started with the benefits first.

Many elderly people would prefer to stay in their homes till a particular point in time in their lives before they come to terms with the fact that they might actually need help.

Many people are hostile to caregivers because of fear. So begin talking to them about it earlier than they’ll be needing it, so you know their stand point, and be able to convince them it will make both of you lead happier lives.

3. Bring in a professional

Sometimes, you will need to use the help of Home care professionals in handling this situation. They can assist you in talking to them and winning them over as well as giving the best home care service as far as they are concerned.

Don’t worry, Prudent domiciliary care offers you the best Home care and professional help in Bexley, Greenwich, Abbey wood, Belvedere, and Welling areas.  Reach out to us if you need help.

4. Have a trial session

Try getting them a care giver on a short time basis, especially if they are dependent on you and other family members to assist them on a daily basis.

If they have just been discharged from the hospital after an illness or an injury, get a professional caregiver to manage them for the period of recovery.

You can go on a vacation or trip to help them use the help truly, this way you’d know what their response to homecare is and know if it will work going forward.

5. Show empathy

Growing old can be very much frightening, especially because it comes with the realization that you are starting to lose control of yourself gradually.

It is absolutely normal to become defensive, and try to hide emotions behind some sort of aggressive behavior just to conceal the concerns about what old age truly brings.

It’s inappropriate to talk about their inadequacies just to prove your point about them needing home care. Don’t talk about their inabilities to drive anymore due to their failing eye sight, or emphasize their failure in doing certain things they used to be very good at, in their youthful years.

In approaching the home care topic, you’ll have to be empathetic, let them know you’re proposing this option because you really love and care about them,

Finally, show enthusiasm, hope about the benefit that home care would provide them, also show understanding and patience if it’s taking time for them to reach a decision or accept the idea. Home care bring you and your elderly ones peace of mind and to get that you need to give it time, and patience.

We offer Home care services to make life easier and enjoyable for your elderly parents and you. If you need professional help in talking to them, we can offer advice and tips on how to win them over.

Then when they finally make their decision, we can help you in any of these locations; Bexley, Greenwich, Abbey wood, Belvedere, Welling, to find a right partner to assist them with home care and help them get the best value out of the rest of their years.

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