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April 30, 2020

Meal Planning for older adults is slightly different from what your general understanding of it is. Meal planning is taking time to plan the number of meals for the week to ensure you get the best nutritious meal as much as you can in your diet.

Meal planning for older adults is planning a day’s worth of meals using smart food choices. This could be overwhelming at first if you are inexperienced and new to it and to avoid making wrong choices of meals for them. it is much better and safer to employ the service of a professional to help you with the meal planning process and even in preparation so they have their meals at the right time of the day and you can go about your daily activities with ease.

It is an essential process that helps you ensure older adults/ seniors have nutritional yet tasty meals and also have access to variety of meals.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to have a meal plan.

  • Variety

Variety they say is the spice of life, it is no truer in this case, because repeating the same meal day and night could become very tiring especially for older adults. Engaging in a meal planning process helps you choose varieties of food that are nutritious and beneficial to their health.

  • Taste

 Repeating the same set of meals might become very tiring as time goes on and your taste buds might start to crave something different from the usual. More reasons why you should consider a meal plan, so that you can have varieties of taste and avoid repeating the same meals over and over.

  • Saves Money

Meal planning helps you save more money and reduce food wastage, it guides you in purchasing groceries and saves you from impulse buying. Since you can skip spending money on restaurants, you can save more money for buying food items you need in bulk. Buying in bulk is a huge money saver! When every food has a purpose you won’t have to worry about food items in your fridge going to waste. When you take a meal at a time, you’ll be able to make the best choice possible for that meal.

  • Saves Time

 Meal planning helps you manage your time effectively. You do not have to constantly worry about what the next meal should be like, when you can simply follow through with a meal plan that has been developed beforehand. Even if you love to cook, there are days when you would have so much to do and might end up with no idea of what meal to make for your older parents which is why you should employ the service of a home care provider to help you with the meal plan as well as the meal preparation.

Meal planning could sound and look simple for a young person, if you are healthy enough to eat anything you want or like. But for an Older Adults especially those that have one health conditions or the other who require strict diet, it is better to seek professional help in their meal planning and meal preparation.

We at Prudent Domiciliary Care are a trusted Home care services provider and have help many of our clients live a healthier and happier lives, why don’t you talk to us, so we can come in and have a chat with you and help you with your meal planning and preparations.

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