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April 30, 2020

Thinking about why you need a care giver doesn’t often strike you until you’ve found yourself in a position where you need one almost immediately.

As you grow older or as your parents and loved ones advance in age you might find yourself thinking about getting a care giver either to take the stress off you, make sure your elderly parents get the best care without allowing the thought of aging get the better of them or so that you have enough time to attend to other areas of your life which may include work or taking care of your immediate family.

However, here are some reasons why you need a Care giver either you are an elderly person or you have elderly parents who are already dependent on you for their everyday life or you have an elderly person you are responsible for.

1. Want Delicious/ Nutritious Home-made meals

Nothing beats having a meal cooked from the comfort of your home, however it comes with its own stress which many people especially old people find a bit challenging. But getting a care giver who can do all your cooking and shopping while you don’t have to move a muscle will help you enjoy your everyday life the more.

Caregivers can come into your homes or live in your house, help with your meal planning and meal prep. Hence, giving you enough time to do other things that you want to do and reducing your stress levels.

2. Clean and Healthy Home

Hygiene is very important especially at this time when the whole world is incapacitated by the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic. Care givers ensure that your homes are clean, healthy and safe. Cleaning can be quite stressful for older people and it cannot be taken lightly because, it is harmful for them to stay in a dirty or not so clean environment

3. Keeping Tabs of Medication

Older people especially ones with health conditions that needs everyday medication will overtime be needing the help of a care giver in order to ensure that they take the right medication in the right quantity.  Even as an individual who has an elder dependent, you might get too busy to sort their medications and ensure they take them at the right time and in the right quantity. Which is why you need to get a Care giver to take proper care of them, help them sort their medications and other things.

4. Not wanting to burden family and friends

If you are an elderly person who doesn’t want to burden your family and  friend by becoming completely dependent on them to do things you might want to consider getting a care giver who can help you get things done in and around your home. Hiring a Care giver to do your meal planning, meal preparation, sort your medications assist you in cleaning your home and offering some sort of companionship isn’t a bad idea after all.

5. Your memory isn’t what it used to be

As the body ages, the memory usually isn’t what it used to be when you were twenty or forty. What this means is that as old age creeps in, you might tend to forget things more often or find it a bit difficult to remember things when you need to.

This is where a care giver comes in, they make up for some inadequacies that a failing memory can present. Helps you organize things in such manner that you do not have to think so hard to find anything or remember where you kept them. They help you tag items around the house just to make it easier to find what you are looking for per time.

6. Returning home from the hospital

It is very important for older people and anyone at all who as just had a surgery or returning home after spending sometime in the hospital getting treatments to get a care giver who will help them settle in well. Whether old or young, anyone can use the help of a caregiver to ensure they live a better and more comfortable life.

Prudent Domiciliary Care specializes in Care giving and we have Competent and friendly care givers available 24/7 to help you give your loved ones a better life in and around Bexley or Greenwich and other areas Southeast London, UK. We do not discriminate, we offer help to everyone who needs a care giver to get on with their everyday life. Whether you’re an elderly person, dealing with dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Whatever Care giving need you have, we are your go to homecare providers.

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